Pete’s Cupang Market is your typical neighborhood palengke where the common people and the daily wage earners get their daily supplies.

It started out as a one-stop shop in 1986, when the area was literally a no-man’s-land – a vast but hot and barren land, full of talahib, then popularly known as Pasong Diablo.  Every Friday night, Pete would ferry his small children from Kalookan where they live to Barangay Cupang Antipolo to spend their weekends there.  The kids were tasked to help in tending the store and in the maintenance of the poultry and the piggery.  On weekdays, Pete who was an Asst. City Prosecutor then, would drive his dilapidated car, fondly called karag-karag to Navotas and Balintawak to buy supplies at two o’clock in the morning.  Together with his wife, they would proceed to Barangay Cupang, Antipolo to drop-off the newly-bought stocks for replenishment, then hurry back to Kalookan to be in their respective offices by eight o’clock in the morning.

Eventually, the neighborhood became used to coming to this one-stop corner store in Purok 1 Brgy. Cupang for their daily needs – from yelo, fresh fruits, fish, meat, and vegetables up to getting their small supplies such as needles and paracetamols. When their store was already thriving, he passed on the operations of his business to small entrepreneurs, who, just like him were probinsiyanos struggling to stay economically afloat in Manila.  Sometime in 2015, Pete saw through the construction of his palengke, where starting entrepreneurs were given stalls to rent.  He passed away in July 2016, just when Phase 2 expansion has just been finished.  By then, his enterprise became fondly named Cupang Market.

We include Pete in the logo and name of Cupang Market to constantly remember the visionary behind it – a hoi polloi (ordinaryong tao) who had this big dream of building a merkado to help more vendors. Pete is the “anak san taga merkado”  (son of a market vendor) turned lawyer who wanted to prove that it is not how a person started in life that matters but how well he actually lived it.  We, his children, pay our respects to the man who molded us to what we are today. Fiscal Pedro “Pete” B. Salanga’s bilin is finally taking shape.  We continue his legacy and practice through our mission of sustaining an eco-friendly, pro-poor and service-oriented enterprise.

We believe that the market place is a breeding ground of small community entrepreneurs where everyone can be given a chance to earn their daily keep.  It should be kept vibrant and innovative and stalls’ ownerships rights should be equitably owned to create more small entrepreneurs.  A market place is a local economy driver where a lot of people are employed and where the community money and resources are passed on to different families and not solely into the hands of a single businessman or family.  A palengke should serve the community everyday through its clean, affordable and accessible fresh supplies and services. A barangay with its own market will always have food security and a thriving economy whenever a disaster or a pandemic comes unexpectedly.

Kaya tara na mga suki,  bili na po kayo at suportahan ang ating maliliit na manininda!


Pete’s Cupang Market
Purok 1 Zone 8 cor. Starlite St., Brgy. Cupang, Antipolo City

For Orders and Help Center:
Tel. No.: 02 8 287-9226 ; 02 8 693-9542
Smart: (0961) 639-4735 ; (0947) 237-6338
Globe: (0966) 625-0570 ; (0917) 871-1908
Market place: 02 8 650-8401

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